10 creative uses for empty notebooks (+ a digital journaling app for 2021!) πŸ“”

[, Music ], i feel like. If you watch this channel, you probably have at least one notebook lying around all sad and empty and unused. I'm. Not wrong am i. I will not judge you whether you have five notebooks laying around or 30.

I am only here to help you and give you some ideas for how to fill up your empty notebooks [, Music ]. This is the super obvious one that we have to just get out of the way first, which is not to say that journaling isn't super important and super helpful.

It's, just kind of the boring one. I highly recommend journaling every day i like to journal in the morning and then in the evening before i go to bed, but at the very least just whenever you have like some sort of big decision to make or a lot of thoughts in your head.

Or you're, just feeling. Emotions sitting down with a notebook to just free write is a great way to figure all that out. I won't, spend too much time on it, because i have this whole video that's literally a guide to journaling.

So if you're looking to improve that habit in 2021 check that out this year, i'm, also trying to pay more attention to my mood and what affects my mood because in 2020 i realized that i could not count on Feeling as consistently good as i did in 2019, so for 2021, i'm starting to use this app called reflectly.

Thank you so much to them for sponsoring this. Video reflectly is like mood tracking with journaling, with artificial intelligence, trying to figure out how to make sense of your complicated human emotions.

So, as i'm, getting ready for bed, i'll rate. How i felt that day overall and then i can choose from their options or add some custom activities and feelings. So, for example, i added being indoors and outdoors being sedentary that day or drinking caffeine, because that can make me very anxious if i do it afternoon and then you can choose how exactly those activities made.

You feel i really like data. I really like tracking different aspects of my life to a certain extent, i try not to take it overboard, but so this tab, i think, is so cool. It shows you how your mood changes over the course of the week how that compares to previous weeks and which factors contribute most to your mood so that you can act accordingly.

If you want to try this app in 2021, i have a link in the description for you to get access to reflectly premium for one year for 60 off, and hopefully we can all track better moods in 2021 than in 2020.

, one of your new year's, goals might be to study a new language so having one dedicated place to store all of the grammar. The vocab conjugations and annoying little quirks of language learning is really super helpful, especially if you're, a visual or a hands-on learner.

If you want to be super organized about it, it's, fun to come up with a color coding system and have sections like grammar practice, exercise, vocab phrases and idioms, etc or, at the very least, just make sure to have a clear title on All of the notes that you take and then have a table of contents in the beginning, so that you can easily find what you're looking for [ Music ].

We love reading at the voice bean, but i find that a lot of times. The reading is the fun part, and then it's hard for me to actually take notes on what it is that i've, read so that i can absorb it and actually apply it to my life.

So what i did was, i have this standardized book notes template in google docs and you can just take these same headings and write them in a notebook, because that's. What this video is about. So basically, i try to summarize the book in just one sentence summarize how it applies to my life.

Write down. Any key takeaways quotes that i liked and then a brief summary of every chapter: [ Music ]. I'm very on and off about my dream journaling, but when i do write down my dreams, they are not detailed, very boring and mundane.

One time i had a dream where i was having dinner with my extended family and i was giving them tips on how to manage their email inbox. So, as you can see, this blispin stuff takes up all of my conscious and subconscious brain space, but it is very interesting to see what your brain decides to dig up from the archives.

Maybe certain people places or events that you haven & # 39. T consciously thought of in a long time. So then you can, if you want to get into the dream interpretation side of things and try to figure out why that came up.

Even if you're, not interested in the meanings of the dreams. At the very least, writing down your dreams regularly just makes you better at recalling them [ Music ]. So i don't personally bullet journal.

My most controversial video is titled. Why i don't like bullet journaling. My brain is just not compatible with bullet journaling for some reason, but i really admire people whose brains are because it seems like a really cool way to plan and to journal and to express yourself creatively all in one notebook, and even though i don't bullet journal.

I still watch amanda rachel's channel because i just love seeing other people's bullet journals. So if you need any bullet journaling advice or art tips, she is the queen of that. I love routines. If this is not your first bliss bean video, you already know that i love morning routines bedtime routines weekly planning, routines sunday routines.

When you're designing a new routine. It's really helpful to write it down all nice and neat because basically it's, a habit that you're trying to build and it's kind of a complex habit. So having a space where you can reference, what the steps of your new routine are is a really good way to reinforce that in the beginning.

So, for example, in my apple notes app, i have a folder titled planning and i've written out. All of my routines in there, partly as a reminder, but also because my routines are still changing so, for example, i recently added some new skincare steps in there.

So i had to update that. I'm, not going to say that if you write down your goals, you will 100 achieve them. But if you don & # 39, t write down your goals, i'm willing to bet you probably won't achieve them.

If you set a goal, it is so important to keep it at the forefront of your mind. As a reminder to keep working on it every week, every day to look for opportunities and information that might help you with that goal and one of the best ways to do that is to write it down in a place that is visible.

So if you have a goals notebook, you can write down your goals for the year for each month for each week, maybe even like your top three priorities for each day and that way that becomes a document that you are regularly referencing and always remembering what your Goals are so that you're, more likely to succeed with them.

So this year i would say i'm, a little less goal oriented because i feel like i'm at a point in my life, where i have a lot of options and constantly changing ideas for what i want to do. In my life, so i do have a few goals but more importantly, i feel like i just have this general idea of what i want my life and my lifestyle to look like right, and so there are so many different paths that i can take to getting There and i don't know what new paths i will soon discover, but i have a general sense of the destination and that kind of keeps me focused.

So i'll, be doing a tour of my vision board in next week.'s, video, but a dedicated notebook could serve as a place. To do all of this manifestation work, you could cut out some images that inspire you and make a vision board.

Collage, you can collect your favorite quotes and affirmations you can journal about the life that you want to manifest and then just keep looking back at that. Just like the goals journal keep looking through it regularly so that you have this idea of the life that you want constantly in your mind, i'm well aware that this idea is not really relevant to our current situation.

But maybe if we talk about it, we can manifest it. So i generally am not really a fan of travel souvenirs. My parents have this amazing, shot glass collection. I tried to start my own collection of playing cards, but i got like five decks in and i was not enjoying that so for me, the ideal souvenirs are photos, videos and journals.

They're super dense in the memories that they contain, but they also don't, take up a ton of storage space, so you could use a notebook as an ongoing travel journal and write about a ton of different trips in that Or if you're going on a really big trip, you can just dedicate an entire journal to documenting that.

Pinterest, of course, has many beautiful examples of this, but it does not have to be artsy. You can just jot down quick notes, like which hotels you stayed at where you ate what you did. Phrases of a new language that you learned and if you don't want to draw anything yourself.

You can print out some photos to tape in there or paste in mementos like sugar, packets or museum tickets, transportation, tickets, little brochures, stamps maps, etc, etc. Whenever you're learning, something new or starting some new project, one of the most discouraging things is that it's, pretty easy to just forget about your progress and totally not see it.

So dedicating a journal to documenting that progress can be a really good way to remind yourself of how far you've come so maybe you're, trying to learn drawing, and so you write about what techniques you're.

Trying to learn your little successes: what's? Frustrating you who your favorite artists for inspiration are at the moment, and then you can look back at that and see how much you've improved and how much your style has evolved.

If you're starting a business, you can write about all the big and small challenges that you have to overcome, how you problem solve your way through them and then in the future. You can use that as a reminder that you can figure anything out, so i hope you like these ideas.

Please give this video a like and subscribe to my channel. I would love to hear in the comments how you fill up empty notebooks and if you want to practice being vulnerable in 2021, tell us how many empty notebooks you have lying around.

This is a no judgment space you can feel free to share. I'll, be back next week to talk about my vision board, which i love very very much, and i'm, so excited to be making videos again in the new year.

Thank you so much for watching and i'll, see you next week, bye, [, Music ]. You



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