12 Min Vs. 2 Hour Vs. 2 Day Vegan Pizza

[, Music, ], hey what's up everybody, it's, your girl, merle, and i have bangs now that's. Over with today, we're gonna be making three different vegan pizzas at three different time intervals. 12 minutes two hours in two days.

Let's, get right into it. For our first vegan pizza, we're gonna. Do this in 12 minutes and that's, nothing! We're, going to start by making a tofu ricotta. We're, going to add in some firm tofu nutritional, yeast, apple, cider, vinegar, salt and garlic powder.

Now we just blend that up it's. Really that easy. We're, going to let this blend for a couple minutes until it's really smooth. I love this recipe because it could be done like very quickly in an afternoon for lunch.

You can also make way more of this and save it in the fridge, and now we're, just gonna assemble our vegan pizza. I've got some pita bread here. This is fresh, baked vegan pita bread, another cool way to spruce.

This up is, if you added some roasted red, pepper or pesto. If you wanted, you know you can get creative with it. I'm just trying to give you people options and then we & # 39. Ve got some good old-fashioned marinara sauce here and we're.

Just gonna spread our marinara sauce over our pita bread and then dollop our little ricotta balls on top [ Music ], and then we're just gonna sprinkle, some italian seasoning fennel seeds and red pepper flakes, and with that i'm just gonna pop this in my toaster oven and broil it for like five or six minutes, but you could also cook it in the oven as well, and that's.

It it's that easy [, Music ]. Oh delicious filling and you could customize this add other toppings. If you want very beginner friendly 10 10 10 across the board, let's. Go on to our next one. Now we're gonna make our two-hour pizza.

For this. We're gonna be making a deep dish. Pizza very excited about it, because i used to eat deep dish pizza all the time as a kid great stuff. Let's, get into it. The first thing we're gonna be doing is making the dough we're gonna add some water, some sugar, instant yeast, coconut oil, flour, cornmeal and some salt.

Now we're gonna stir this all together and then i'm gonna use my hands to work the dough, so we wan na bring the dough together until there are no more dry spots. Now we're gonna cover the dough and let it rest for five minutes.

What does this say? Mother, like no other? Oh mom, just a titch of flour. I'm gonna knead, the dough for like one to two minutes until it is mostly smooth all right. This is looking very nice. Now i'm gonna put it in this absurdly large bowl, and i'm gonna grease the bowl a little bit.

You can use coconut oil vegetable oil, whatever you want just so. The dough doesn't. Stick. I'm gonna cover this up and let it rest for one hour and it should double in size. In the meantime, we're gonna make our mozzarella.

I & # 39. Ve got a nice blender here and we're gonna add in some coconut milk, some potato starch, which will be our binder apple, cider, vinegar, nutritional yeast, some good old salt and finally, some white miso paste.

Now we just blend it up. We want it to be nice and smooth. Now i'm just going to transfer our mozzarella mixture to a skillet. It's best. If you use a non-stick skillet. If you have it, we're, just gonna mix.

This mixture over the skillet for about five to seven minutes. Looking groovy, we're gonna put that in a bowl and just set this aside. All right now we're gonna make our vegetable mixture i've, got some green bell, pepper some white mushrooms and yellow onion.

I'm gonna add in some olive oil and add a little pinch of salt, and i'm just gonna saute these for about six or seven minutes until most of the liquid is evaporated all right. Next up, we're gonna make our sauce.

What i've got here, are some diced tomatoes that i've gone ahead and drained, and you can save this liquid, like i'm, going to to add to broth or stock or soup or even sautes. If you want to so it doesn't go to waste.

I'm, going to add in my tomatoes some brown sugar, some garlic, our italian seasoning, red pepper, flakes and our salt, and now we mix it up all right. The last thing we're making is our vegan parmesan.

You can go out and buy some vegan parmesan if you want, but i thought i'd. Show you how to do it yourself? We're, going to add some pumpkin seeds, italian seasoning and nutritional yeast, and just blend that up so now we're just going to assemble our pizza.

We're, going to roll out our dough to a 14 inch circle and then transfer it to our skillet, which will be nicely greased so that it fills your skillet evenly. Then we're, going to pour in our vegan mozzarella and spread that out evenly and distribute our vegetable filling followed by our delicious sauce and then sprinkle, two generous teaspoons of the vegan parmesan and save the rest for serving.

Then we're, just gonna bake, our pizza for 26 to 28 minutes at 450 degrees fahrenheit, that's; 230 degrees celsius. After it's done baking and the crust is golden brown. We're gonna, let it cool for 20 minutes.

It looks absolutely beautiful. So i'm gonna bring my mom in here to try this with me. We have one more pizza to make. I'm gonna try not to eat this entire thing. Let's, make the two day pizza here on to our third and final pizza.

This is our two day pizza. Let me just say the reason it's. Two days is because we're gonna allow the dough for the crust to proof for between 12 to 24 hours, whatever you'd like to do if you wanted to buy your own store-bought crust and do everything else the same You could probably whip up this pizza in like 20 minutes.

The first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna make our dough? So we're, going to add our flour, salt, water, instant yeast and olive oil, and we're just going to mix that up until it is well combined.

Now we're just going to let this rest for five minutes. It's time to turn out our dough. We just want to knead this until it is smooth, should only take like two or three minutes. Okay. So now i'm gonna transfer this to a lightly oiled bowl, and i'm just gonna.

Let it sit in a warm place for about an hour to an hour and a half. Then i'm gonna transfer it to the refrigerator and we're gonna, let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours. In the meantime, we're gonna make our vegan mozzarella.

No, it's, not the same mozzarella that we made for the last pizza. I'm gonna add some cashews. I soaked these cashews in boiling water for 20 minutes: nutritional yeast, salt, lemon juice, tapioca starch white miso, paste and coconut oil.

Now we're just going to blend almost forgot to add the water. My bad now i'm, going to strain the mozzarella mix to a fine mesh sieve. I'm, going to pour our mixture into a small saucepan and cook it over a medium heat.

I'm gonna make sure that i stir it constantly with my spatula for like four to five minutes. Until the mixture starts to thicken, you'll know it's, ready when it coats the back of a spoon, and then i will just transfer that back to my small bowl.

Now it is just time to assemble. I have some dough that's been sitting for 24 hours. I'm gonna just use my fingers to stretch this dough out now that we've got it stretched out. I'm gonna take some crushed tomatoes and just spread those out on my dough and we wan na go almost completely to the edges.

And, lastly, we're, going to take like little tablespoon dollops of our mozzarella and plop them. On there now we're going to pop this in the oven at 500 degrees fahrenheit, that's 260 degrees celsius, and we're gonna.

Let it bake for eight minutes, then we're gonna. Let it broil for two to three minutes so that the mozzarella gets nice and brown. It is looking absolutely gorgeous. I'm, just going to finish this off by drizzling a little bit of olive oil over there and putting some basil leaves on top all right.

All that's left to do is to try it. This is an outstanding pizza recipe. If you want to make a few of these doughs ahead of time, the sensation of the mozzarella tastes like fresh mozzarella on your mouth, i'm, really impressed.

So there you have it now. You have three fantastic vegan pizza recipes, so you never have to live life without pizza. You're. Welcome. Let me know what you'd like me, to make next don't mind me: i'm just gonna take this and go you



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