I Made My Grandma's Secret Healthier Cake

Hello, everyone, my name is mike. This is my first ever good. Full video go easy on me figuring it out as i go along, i'm. Currently, in my parents, kitchen, which is a whole 20 20 mood, you may or may not see my parents, dogs coming in and out of the kitchen, they spark joy and they spark chaos.

I have a very special guest here to help introduce what we are making today. Darling sister welcome. This is becky. What are we making today? Becky, we are making my grandma's, stealth cake. She called it stealth cake my grandma devised a way to hide vegetables inside chocolate cake.

Hence the name stealth cake. Not only is there some tofu hiding in here, but there's. Also, carrots and zucchini becky. Were you an adventurous eater as a child? Nope, i was very, very picky what were your foods of choice: the cereals food group, so bread, the dairy food group and the sugar food group? There were smells and textures that bothered me and she found a way to make them wonderful.

So we & # 39. Ve got flour: sugar, cocoa, baking powder, baking, soda salt, vanilla, tofu, carrots, egg, whites, zucchini oil. She also had in the recipe to do prune butter. I don't know where on earth.

Somebody finds that instead we did pumpkin puree mixed with honey, concoction, melted butter and melted baking chocolate. Let's get started. I think there's a little bit of wiggle room for what order i do this in.

So i'll. Do the one that excites me the most first, which is to liquefy the vegetables? For this? I'm going to liquefy carrots, zucchini egg whites, vanilla, tofu until very fine, the liquification is done.

Thank you becky. For your help, i'm, going to combine the dry ingredients together because we'll, be sifting that into the liquid ingredients later so now i'm gonna. Do the wet ingredients technically what the recipe said was to liquefy the egg yolks and then fold in the egg whites later.

What happened? Is i didn't? Read it properly, so i accidentally liquefied the egg whites. You know what it's, all going in the same place: [ Music ], i've, got all the liquids mixed in, except for this veggie tofu concoction time.

To add this bad boy. In let's whip it up. All right, becky, i know you're busy doing phd student work, but look look what i did. I'm, so proud of you. It's, beautiful all the liquids and all the dries.

I think it's time to put them together, make them kiss. Okay. Look at this, which is all ready to be baked, got my oven, pan oven cake pan. What's? This called becky i've, got my baking dish, [ Music ] there.

It is gonna put it in the oven and then check on it in 32 minutes. While the cake is cooling, i'm going to make the cream cheese frosting there's. Powdered sugar, butter, cream cheese, vanilla extract and salt obviously feel free to do any kind of frosting that you want.

I saw some fun looking healthier cream cheese. Frosting recipes go wild y & # 39. All live your truths. The first step is to combine the butter and cream cheese in the bowl using the mixer. My grandma had a stand-up mixer.

I have this, and this will be my workout for the day supposed to do this until all the lumps are out so that might take a little while now i've added vanilla extract and the salt next step is to slowly add in powdered Sugar, it says, have a mixer on low, but the mixer is me and my strength, so damn it so this is too thick.

I read on the internet that i can add a splash of milk to make it thinner put a little bit of milk in here. I transitioned to a spoon because it gives me better leverage only a little bit of a mess, but a lot of sweat.

Ordinarily, i would probably just frost it in the pan, but kind of want to frost the whole thing and i think it'll. Look better that way. That is, if the cake comes out in one piece moment of truth, it's.

The moment of truth, oh there we go now. I attempt to frost the cake. I think there's, probably a right way to do this. I don't know if i have all the right tools for it. So i'm gonna wing it a little bit.

So i'm gonna bring the top [ Music ]. I'm gonna try something i haven't done before and attempt to put some texture into the frosting, so it doesn't. Look like a five-year-old, did it, which, like not, that inaccurate little swirls into it.

Great now i'm, going rogue and trying something with a fork, so it's somewhat more presentable now, but as a final touch, and i'm going to shave some chocolate on top of it - [ Music ]. Welcome back becky here comes the moment of truth, where we see it that actually a is edible and b tastes.

Anything like the cake that grandma made cheers that's. Stealth cake that's. Stealth cake, you did it! I made grandma's cake. You made grandma's, cake so good. You know some people, you still have foods that you're, not okay, with later on, and that's.

Okay, thank you becky for your help. Thank you, everyone for joining us in this adventure. Let me know what you think in the comments. Well, there's, a bunch of cake left over here. So whatever will we do whatever? Will we do? [, Music ], you



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