I Tried Adele’s Sirtfood Diet To Improve My Mental Health

( upbeat music, ), (, pounding dough, ), Mm., (, upbeat music, ), (, licking lips, ), Hey guys. It's me Jasmine and for the next 14 days I'm gonna be trying & quot The Sirtfood Diet & quot, which is what Adele reportedly followed to achieve her fitness goals.

Others such as Pippa Middleton, Conor, McGregor and David Haye have also been said to use this diet.. I've, been seeing this all over the internet and & quot. The Sirtfood Diet & quot in a nutshell, consists of a group of foods called Sirtfoods which are rich in nutrients.

That supposedly help us boost metabolism and activate fat burning genes or what they're, calling the skinny gene.. So am I skeptical Yes, but can't knock it till you try it. Personally for me, while a goal I had my whole life was to lose weight.

I'm shifting my mindset a little bit. So instead of just focusing on the number on the scale, I'm. Looking for a diet that I can incorporate, even after these 14 days are up., I want something that can give me clean energy.

Even when I'm stressed or busy with work, something that can help with my mental health. On top of my physical health., I had a very unhealthy relationship with food in high school.. There was a certain look that I wanted to achieve and I did it very dangerously.

. During the senior year of high school, I fell into a very deep depression and I started eating less than 500 calories a day for about three months.. I stopped eating all my favorite foods.. I remember nibbling at a bag of lettuce, to sustain me for a whole day.

And I was losing weight at a drastic rate and before I knew it, I was 30 pounds down losing hair in bunches.. I had a false sense of happiness and the way people treated me affirmed. My feelings. People were telling me & quot.

Oh you're. Finally, taking care of yourself. & quot & quot, You've, never looked. Better. & quot & quot. Keep it up. & quot, And that made me sad that at my skinniest but lowest point physically and mentally people were treating me, the best.

. So I reclaimed ownership of my body.. I went on a journey to build a healthy relationship with food and fitness.. I lost 24 pounds. I was finally at a great place. Mentally. Tried to sustain that weight loss, but you know normal life and stresses and opportunities with work.

, And now I'm just looking for a more sustainable diet that I can incorporate, naturally into my lifestyle. A little bit about the diet.. It consists of two phases., The first week being three days of moderate fasting and a 1,000 calorie cap, where you can have three Sirt juices, one main meal and an optional 15 to 20 grams of chocolate.

Days. Four through seven, you do a mild fast with a 1,500 calorie cap, where you consume two Sirt juices and two main meals. And days eight and beyond the calorie counting stops. You consume one Sirt juice and three main meals.

. The meals are all high in sirtuin, activating foods that help activate this skinny gene., But there's, a list of top 20 Sirtfoods, a few of which are red wine chocolate strawberries, which is honestly what got this diet a lot of attention.

. That's, the dream I wan na live, and I wan na see if it works. So to make sure we're doing this right. We're, going to speak with Aidan Goggins, one of the actual creators of & quot, The Sirtfood Diet & quot.

Everything we hear is always about the quantity of calories, the food has., The point of & quot, The Sirtfood Diet & quot is understanding how food instructs your body use. Those calories. Sirtfoods are a group of plant foods which turn on a recycling process in our body.

. This clears out cellular waste and debris and improves the health of our cells, and these are all readily available accessible foods.. I was reading in the book. It says it activates, like our skinny gene.

. Can you talk a little bit more about that? The nutrients inside the foods turn on survival genes in the body called sirtuins., And they're, the same genes that are activated by exercise and fasting and give all the benefits that we associate with those two things.

. You know so many diets out there today are solely focused on what you shouldn't be eating, but & quot. The Sirtfood Diet & quot is a diet of inclusion, not exclusion.. We have one rule, no food is forbidden.

. Yes, there are foods that people shouldn & # 39, t be eating in large amounts.. But if you focus on what you should be eating, you realize there's, a lot less time and space spent on what you should not be eating.

All right. So I'm about to get onto this journey.. Do you have any last words for me as I go in Focus on getting as many Sirtfoods into your diet as much as possible. Trust that when you nourish your body, it will look after you.

The first three days were surprising. For a fast of some sort. I actually was buying so much food and it was hard there were some veggies. I've, never heard of. And I had to go to multiple stores and I also had to pass the ice cream aisle at Costco, which was very painful.

. This is the second grocery store. I've been to.. I'm, not even halfway through shopping, so this stuff is fancy and I think it's. Gon na be expensive. Finally done grocery shopping after the third store, which is excessive.

. I spent $ 120 also excessive for how little food I'll, be consuming this week.. It's, much less than I usually eat, and I would spend less. Day. One was good.. My motivation was really high.. I was mainly excited to just try the new recipes.

The day started with the juice, which was really easy to throw everything together., But I spent a lot of time really measuring it out, because I wanted to get the portions right. So I could give an honest review on how it tasted.

( pensive music ). Oh it's, pretty bad. ( Jasmine laughing ) Tasted, really memorable.. That juice was switching on my body's, fat burning powers and it was switching on something else too. I'll. Just say that much.

I'm gonna poop myself. Are you serious Juice number two., (, whimsical, music, ), (, smacking lips, ), Somehow worse without a straw., Try. (, whimsical, music, ), Oh my.? So honestly it felt like it was off to a bad start.

But then the first meal was the Asian shrimp stir fry with buckwheat noodles., And it was not only delicious, but it was humongous.. Oh hoh hoh. Look at this isn't this a huge amount of food. I actually don't even eat this much on a day-to-day basis, but I'm very excited.

. Everything took less than 15 minutes to prepare.. It was pretty much just throwing everything in a pan and stir frying it, which is super easy., And all of these ingredients in this dish are very accessible.

I would say. Let's, dig in. (, upbeat music, ), (, slurping, noodles, ) Mm.. That's, pretty good., I'm, not gonna talk about authenticity but taste wise. I'm very happy.. I still can & # 39. T believe that this is a diet.

Food.. It's about four PM right now and I think, having a meal of this size is gonna carry me over through the rest of the night.. Also I have one more juice left, so I think I'm set for today.. I will say I'm one of those kinds of people where the diet is easiest for me in the first few days, because my motivation is very high.

. I'm more worried about days four through 14 than I am days one through three, even though it's like cutting a lot.. Hopefully my motivation stays quite high.: ( food, crunching, ), Green juice, number, three.

, (, drinking juice, ). After this day, one is done, bring it on., It's 10:30 and I'm hungry. This is the time I usually snack., And so I'm. Just gonna go shower and go to bed.. I can't think about snacking.

Morning. It is day two. And I'm feeling kind of restless. I didn't sleep that great last night, but I'm ready to start the day off strong with my laxative. ( drinking juice, ), (, calm, music ), I'll, get used to it.

It's. Fine. So day, two woke up feeling a little restless, but I continued with the program. I had my juices. Then I made my main meal.. It was my first time having turmeric as the star seasoning of a dish, and I just wasn't prepared for it's earthiness.

, And it makes it taste like what you think. A health bowl from LA would taste like. Like dirt. Good morning. It is day three and I woke up very irritable.. I actually went to bed hungry.. I guess it was just like I didn't like the dinner last night.

So obviously it made the diet less fun.. My mood is literally determined by food, so I knew that I would be somewhat grumpy until I had a meal I liked again.. I also had to do more grocery shopping because I realized I didn't, get everything for my week, one.

And I spent like a hundred dollars so adding everything up my total for week, one just went from 120 to 230. And a week of Groceries for a $ 230 is like that's, privilege right there.. So after my first couple juices of the day, I made my main meal of the day, which was an aromatic chicken breast with kale and red onions and a tomato chili salsa.

. While I was making that I was getting super excited because it was smelling so good., The colors were beautiful, it just looked really appetizing.. But next to me was my boyfriend's. Seafood pasta made with lots of heavy cream.

And that just looked a little better., But I ate it. It was delicious, very filling. And even my boyfriend, who doesn't like healthy tasting foods, enjoyed it. Mm that's, good. Yeah. I would like buy this at a restaurant.

, Really [, George ] Or a cafeteria yeah.. Okay, I wouldn't, go that far. Morning it's day, four. Gon na start off with another green juice.. This was the start of my great day.. The Sirt muesli was so good.

Mm. This is the best one so far out of any meals. It tasted like a health bowl that you get from like Newport Beach. While you walk along the nearby promenade., I will say, though I had to swap out some of the ingredients with some substitutes'cause.

I couldn't, find some specific items like the buckwheat flakes and the buckwheat puffs.. I'm a little skeptical that this can make me lose weight., (, Jasmine laughing ). Then dinner was gourmet.. I made a pan fried salmon filet with caramelized endive arugula and celery leaf salad.

. Honestly, one of my favorite salads of all time it tasted like it, came from a fancy: Mediterranean restaurant., Totally changed my mind about capers.. Also this recipe called for brown sugar and, I think, just hearing the word sugar cheered me up.

Mm, oh wow. This is the ( beep ). Oh, my God., I'm, not even exaggerating. That brown sugar glaze., I've, never been on a diet where a recipe called for sugar, and I think that just knowing the diet is about inclusion and not exclusion, just makes me feel A lot less restricted and that lifted a lot of the pressure.

. I would totally eat this every day. This is freaking delicious. Another day, another juice. Day five.. I was already on another high just because the meal from the night before was so good and then the Sirt muesli was good.

. Dinner was good too, so I was already excited.. I slept really well. Last night, I'm very happy about it.. I woke up with a lot of energy and in a really good mood.. I'm, not groggy at all.. I actually dreamt about the salmon salad last night because it's.

Just was so good. And then I got excited again because I knew another meal with some Asian flavors were approaching. Today's, recipe calls for mirin. It's, pretty much like sugar and rice wine.. I can't even believe I can use this.

Asian food is my comfort food. And in my past diets it often involves making bland tasteless foods that were clearly uninspired and, frankly, just quite depressing.. The fact that I'm able to have culturally diverse meals that fit my flavor palette means a lot to me.

Like. Why would I continue to eat a diet with food? I hate Honestly, the old me would probably just do it just to see the number on the scale drop. But now I'm. Refusing to do that because my mindset is shifted and I've learned that having a diet that I enjoy has a positive impact on my mental health.

. So while I was cooking, I got really hungry.. I cheated on my diet by eating an avocado which I'm, not sorry, about., It's, an avocado.. I'm, not saying, go and cheat on your diets, but if you need a snack to keep yourself sane during a diet, then who cares Then later before bed I cheated again, but it was a banana.

. I don't feel bad though., ( Jasmine laughing ) Time to try it. ( upbeat music ) Mm. This is real food.. What I'm really liking about this - is that in other diets I've done. Obviously, you have to cut down a lot on carbs.

In this one you are, but when I'm eating this meal, I feel like it's. Gon na be filling because I get an actual serving of carbs. Good morning guys. It is day six and I am not gonna make a juice. Today I'm just gonna blend it.

. You guys probably think that's, really gross.. I mean it's, not pleasant, but the only reason I'm doing. This is because I don't really wan na wash the juicer. It takes like 20 minutes to wash and I'm just too busy.

, So I'm just going to blend it all together, today. (, blender running ) Aidan said extra fibers can disturb people's digestive systems and after The first few days, I think my body adjusted so my stomach wasn't getting upset.

I was very comfortable with getting those fibers.. It did give me a little more peace of mind to know that nothing was going to waste. All right here. Goes. ( pouring smoothie ), Definitely much thicker.

( whimsical, music, ), (, licking lips ). I should've washed, the juicer. ( Jasmine laughing ). I just chugged the juice or smoothie. I guess, and it's, so much more filling than the juice., And now I'm so full, which is actually a good feeling to have.

. I am having my first meal of the day. This is the Sirt super salad.. It took me like 40 minutes to prepare - and I had all my veggies prepped already., So it did take a little bit of time., But it looks really good and I'm ready to begin.

I'm starving. ( upbeat music, ), (, salad, crunching, ), Mm., The more you chew, the more the flavor develops. Very refreshing.. I would say I still like the salmon one better.. I think it definitely tastes like a salad.

You would find at a restaurant. And for that I'm pleased.. He is enjoying some spinach artichoke dip, which I love., And you know there are times where I'm, saying the food on this diet. It's. Actually, really good and the portions are huge and it tastes like restaurant food.

, But at the same time I remember I'm, not supposed to be eating things like spinach artichoke dip. So it does make me sad. Though Aidan probably would say it's. Fine, you can have some of it just working in & quot, The Sirtfood Diet & quot into your lifestyle.

, But there's like some sort of guiltiness attached to enjoying foods that I really really really love. And I don't like that., Hey guys, it's day, seven., Of course, starting my morning off with a green juice.

. I did weigh myself this morning.. I am five pounds down officially as of day seven. Yeah, I feel really good. Mentally. I don't know I love myself.. It's better to love myself more than it is to lose that weight.

. It is day one of a phase two, which means it is day. Eight of this diet.. I'm, pretty excited about entering phase two because we're, not focusing on calorie, counting anymore., And we get one juice and three meals and one to two optional.

Sirtfood bite, snacks., And there are a couple of rules to this phase.. Having your green juice first thing in the morning, or at least 30 minutes before breakfast or mid morning., And try your best to eat your evening meal by seven PM that part's, probably the hardest for me.

. I'm like a night nibbler.. Also I'm gonna read this verbatim. & quot Phase two. We recommend limiting your intake & quot to one glass of red wine with a meal & quot on two or three days per week. & quot Got ta get groceries for week.

Two. Week, two groceries are complete spent about a hundred dollars and I have some leftover ingredients from week, one that I can continue to use.. So my first meal today is the Sirtfood smoothie.. I'm, actually gonna meal prep.

This because I looked at my calendar, I'm much busier this week than I was last week.. I think the hardest part about following these diets is that it comes with a lot of cooking, so I feel like someone who has kids pets a busy schedule in general.

This would be very difficult for them., But with meal prep. Of course, things can be much easier., Some medjool dates.. These are great sweeteners.. I can't believe I started this diet hating these now I love them.

. Oh my strawberries. ( dumping, strawberries, ), Yum. And chocolate., Okay, so for four smoothies meal prepped. I'm gonna need this much chocolate., ( blender, running ) Breakfast for the next three days is done.

(, whimsical, music, ), Hmm yeah. It's, not bad.. It's, not good, but it's. Not bad., I was feeling stressed earlier from all this meal prepping, but now that it's done a lot of stress has been lifted off my shoulders.

Now.. I made three salads. I just put all the dry ingredients in there, so it stays fresh.. Now time to prep my next three dinners, which will be the prawn arrabbiata, with buckwheat pasta. So far, the prawn arrabbiata has been very easy to put together just threw in all the vegetables and then two tins of tomatoes.

. And then I just need to cover this and let it simmer. Look at that.. Does that look like diet, food Dinner for the next three nights are done. Doesn't, it look so good ( slurping noodles ) Mm. I think this takes the cake.

So far., I could totally see myself making this without making any adjustments to the recipe. For this recipe. I would give it a 10 out of 10. Days. Nine and 10 were really easy.. Each day I had a Sirtfood smoothie, then a loaded salad.

. We are playing Among Us and I already have my meal prepped, so I'm, happily enjoying it right now, with my friends. ( upbeat, music ). The second week has already been so smooth sailing with all the delicious food.

, And then I made probably the most surprising thing that you could eat on a diet. Pancakes. These pancakes really impressed me.. They were easy to make. I just blended everything together. Made half a serving since I knew most of the serving sizes have been quite large.

, And then I stored the rest of the batter in the fridge, since it was good for up to five days.. I'm having chocolate for breakfast. The lunch I meal. Prepped. Was this amazing shiitake mushroom, miso soup.

It's, miso soup, so it's. Super easy to put together as well and extra easy to make in a big batch. There's, so many vegan meals in this book that look amazing. And my boyfriend and I try to eat vegan at least one to two times a week.

. And we've at least enjoyed the two that I've made during this diet. So I'm happy with that. Days, 12 and 13 were filled with great food. Obviously, but the finish line is coming up and I decided to do this during the holiday season, so I'm kind of going crazy at this point.

I had been making cookies every other day on top of other desserts before this whole diet, started.. So stopping all that cold turkey again during the holidays, it's really hard, and I could just feel it getting harder at this time.

. I was literally eating pancakes and chocolate and I still only wanted some boba some mango cheesecake strawberry linzer cookies, chocolate cake., But anyway it was very nice again to be able to throw the food in the microwave and immediately be able to eat while watching & quot.

The Bachelorette & quot Day 14, the last day I wanted to go big because it was the last day of the challenge.. I still had left over pancake batter and miso soup, so I just had that. For breakfast and lunch.

And for dinner I made a pizza. Making the sauce. ( pounding dough, ) Gon na try and spin this.. I'm, doing it. ( upbeat music, ) Mozzarella.. I'm goin & # 39, a little heavy, but it's. The last day of the diet.

All right, I'm having a vegetarian pizza today.. So I'm just gonna top it with some grilled eggplant. More the merrier. ( upbeat music, ) Ta-da. It's, ready to go into the oven.. I added some basil to the top of the pizza.

I think it's. The perfect touch. I'm super excited to try this.. This is what it looks. Like. Actually looks pretty good doesn't, it Cheers., Cheers., (, upbeat music ), It's, not bad. At all. Wow., The crust doesn't stand out to me, but I also don't notice that it's.

Different. One thing I would change more cheese.. I know. (, both laughing ). It's, crazy, to even believe that this diet is over, but I think it went very well. If I were to try this diet while not in a pandemic.

I think it would've gone a very different way.. I'd, probably have a few more cheat meals and sneak an extra bag of chips or two from the office., But without too many temptations I'd, say that this was pretty successful.

. I was only hungry, sometimes in the first few days during the moderate fasting. I was trying to get used to not eating after seven PM, but I can't. It's too hard. I have no self control.. So let's just get to it.

. Did I lose weight Yes.? I'm very happy with these results. Looking over the past two weeks and knowing all the yummy food I had., I mean I'm honestly surprised that I lost weight., So some pros and cons to & quot The Sirtfood Diet & quot.

Let's start with the cons.. You need a juicer. Prepping, the vegetables like washing dicing, all that jazz can take a bit of time. And last con. For me, the diet starts with a fast. Pros & quot. The Sirtfood Diet & quot encourages mindful eating.

. The book mentions several times to not focus on the number on the scale which I love. And instead just gives you the recipes for what you can eat and being able to see each ingredient go into your meal and then taste how yummy it is.

. I think that was really helpful in setting up a healthy and positive relationship to food for me.. It also focused on inclusion, not exclusion. So many times on the diet. I'd, be making a dish and just be shocked that I was allowed to have certain foods like chocolate, brown, sugars, wine, strawberries, noodles.

. It was very refreshing that change. And it has a lot of variety in the recipes., And on top of all of that, they were just all really easy to cook up for any level cook. Last pro I'll. Add on here is that the exercise regimen for this diet is very friendly.

. They recommend a healthy and active lifestyle, of course, but there's, no set intense exercise regimen in order to see success. But full disclosure. I didn't work out once a single time in these two weeks.

I'm, not proud of it. I just need to be transparent with you guys., But yeah, that's. How my journey went with & quot, The Sirtfood Diet & quot, I probably won't, be continuing as strictly as I was over the past couple of weeks.

, But I learned a lot about myself. I strengthened my positive relationship with food and will a thousand percent happily be making more of these recipes. It's all about good food. For me, honestly. (, upbeat music, ),



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