I Tried To Make Vegan Shawarma Out Of Celery Root

Oh, my gosh, i can't even believe this thing. One of the best things you've made me hello. What's going on everybody? It's, your girl merle, and today we have another cool vegan substitute vice did an article about noma, the renowned restaurant, where they made shawarma out of celery root.

I know as someone who's, a plant-based eater, even i am like huh huh how but it's noma. They know what they're doing. I can't, not try this. I feel like it's, just too cool. Looking, i mean it looks the part.

The question is always: will it taste anything like it? What it's supposed to taste like? I guess we'll just have to find out. I've used celery root in the past. I used it to try to make vegan fish and chips.

Celery root or celery act looks like a mandrake. So the first thing we need to do with this funky little root is to peel it, and what you might notice here is at the top. We've got like what looks like a little celery, so that's kind of cool.

I don't think it is celery, though all right and i'm, going to collect all my little peels and i'm gonna put them in my little compost bowl. You guys might think that i'm crazy for reminding you to do that, but it really can make a difference and we're gonna use a mandolin to slice it into 1 16 of an inch slices.

You know what i am gonna chop. The top off of this be very careful when you're doing this. Oh it's, looking good all right, so these slices are looking fantastic. I'm gonna. Do this again with two more celery act, we want about a pound, so it'll, probably take like two or three now that we've got that all sliced up.

We're gonna move on to our spice mixture. We're gonna use, one teaspoon of ground cinnamon, a half a teaspoon of cayenne, one and a half teaspoons of black pepper, one teaspoon of garlic powder, four teaspoons of sweet, paprika, cumin, allspice, coriander, dried oregano, turmeric and finally kosher salt.

And now we're just going to mix it all together. Look at those beautiful colors, all right! So now we're, making it rain with our slices, and we & # 39. Ve got our spice mixture. We're, going to add in some red wine, vinegar, canola oil and two healthy tablespoons of our spice mixture, and then we're, just gonna mix that all up stirring.

This is not necessarily a field day, but once the oil gets more incorporated through all the slices, it will get easier. So don't worry and now comes the fun part. Yeah, the fun part sure we're, going to be taking these slices of celery yak and we're, going to be placing them on our spit or our vertical rotisserie.

I will include a way that you can do this without a spit or a vertical rotisserie right in the recipe. So don't panic, you don't have to do it dead center every time it might actually be good. If you have some a little to the left and some a little to the right, because that'll help to kind of space it out and also it'll bulk out our shawarma, the more we can get it to look like A hunk of meat, the better i feel like as soon as i said that i just could hear people click clacking away on their keyboard.

Why would you want it to look or taste like meat? Well, you know what i always really liked the taste of meat and i think it's, a fun challenge, i think, as long as we are respectful to the cultures or the practices, the original dishes come from.

In this case, it's, shawarma, which is a middle eastern cuisine. Also different countries will use different types of meat, it could be beef, it could be lamb, it could be chicken, it could be goat depending on the country.

We're. Talking about, i point this out, because i think it's important when you're, doing a vegan interpretation of something not to just completely wipe out the original dish itself. This could be something fun to do for the holidays.

On the 12th day of christmas, my true love gave to me 12 carrot: salmon 11 banana peel pulled pork, 10 mushroom, ribs, 9, coconut calamari 8. Lobster mushroom rolls 7 squash, eggs, 6 tomato eggs. We tried it again and it was better: five watermelon ham, four celery, yak fish and chips: three avocado brownies, two edible bean, cookie dough and a celery yak on a spit [ Music ].

I've, been doing this for a while now huh it never stops being fun. You know, but i am slowly going to run out of ideas. So please, let me know if you know of anything else that would be cool. I'm gonna admit.

When i look at the bee cam. It looks a little bit like slices of potato getting ready to become potato chips. Doesn't quite look like meat. Yet now this is done. It's. Time for us to wrap the entire thing in some aluminum foil.

Now it's time to bake this. We have the oven set to 325 degrees fahrenheit that's, 160 degrees celsius, 163 degrees to be exact, and we're gonna. Let it go ahead and slow bake in there for about 50 to 60 minutes there.

You go good luck in there! Good luck! In the meantime, let's, make our glaze [ Music ]. Then we're, going to remove the foil from the shawarma and use a brush to base it all over with our glaze and return it to the oven for 10 minutes.

Then we'll. Take it out glaze it again and put it back in for 10 more minutes. Finally, we'll, remove it from the oven and increase the temperature to 450 degrees, fahrenheit that's, 220 degrees celsius and baste.

It once more place it in the oven for two to three minutes, rotate it and place it back in for two to three more minutes, and then it should be all caramelized and beautiful all right the moment we have all been waiting for.

Oh my gosh wow. I can't even believe this thing. It's like completely transformed before our very eyes. Now the only thing left to do is to cut it. I'm scared. I'm gonna. Do it wrong? I'm scared. I'm gonna mess this up somehow, but in times of doubt you just have to go for it.

Ah that looks so cool wow. The flavor of celery is still a little bit present. I still know who she is there's, no way in hell. Anyone would ever mistake this for me, but i'm, really impressed with how the celery root took on those seasonings.

The slow roast is definitely key. The texture is not the celery roots, strong point, but it's got pizzazz. I love the presentation. I really like the flavor, but now i'm gonna serve it to arya. He's, a meat eater, so he'll, be a tougher critic.

So i don't know what he's gonna. Think of this. What i'm gonna do is i'm gonna put it with some warm pita, bread, hummus and cucumber salad, and maybe the marriage of all of that will come together and blow his mind, one two: three.

Ah, a little peanut wrap yeah, so i'm guessing. This is like meant to be shawarma yeah yeah! Well, you know what i actually have been to turkey and i had some delicious shawarma over there. Well, it's going to be better.

This is very pretty exciting. It looks very fresh and healthy, yeah mm-hmm, the flavor profile is bang on yeah. It really is bang on one of the best things you've made me on their show. The thing is, i do think that i'm, not getting a taste of really what your substitute is, because it's.

Getting overpowered by all the different the tomatoes, the red onions, the parsley, all that kind of stuff, so maybe taste it on its own. That might have been part of the strategy. I wouldn't think it's meat.

If someone gave it to me, but still very tasty on its own, what is this carrot? You know. I know you like carrot in your things. No, i've done that one time beet no, i had a hidden. Nectarine is a fruit, and that would make no sense.

It also has a little sweetness to it. It looks like potatoes if anything um. What is that, if it's snack like that celery root, celery root again, it works. It's. Better than last i didn't like it last time.

Did i no because you don't like celery yeah, that's? Why i see the hints of celery now come through very, very minimal. This is very good. Okay, like this to me very low, even just looking at it, you know that's, not meat, so in terms of likeness as a substitute two or three okay, the overall dish, eight point: four wow.

Yes, it's very good, very tasty, all around. Thank you. What a treat yeah, what a treat it is a treat you're. Welcome and thank you. Yes, i love hummus yeah. I love you bye. Everyone thanks, hanson [, Music, ],



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